Foreword from Paul Bennett- Director of Enterprise, Southampton Business School, University of Southampton

There can be little doubt we are now living in a time of unprecedented change. The fourth industrial revolution has given rise to globalisation and the unrelenting acceleration of technological advances has created a business landscape that is ever more complex, globally connected and competitive. Success in this new world order may require a different leadership response.

How can leaders best prepare to thrive and succeed in the new world order?

How will leaders ensure their organisations are fit for the future? In the coming

years, businesses will not only be measured by what they do, but also by how they do it, and how value is created. 

More than ever before, leaders will need to be the instigators of innovation and enable their talented people to thrive in uncertain environments. It is unlikely in the future, that any one individual leader will be able to fully understand and deal with the high density of complex challenges facing them, alone. This suggests future leadership success could be dependent upon more collaborative and adaptive leadership approaches.

During uncertainty employees, clients and shareholders migrate to the people and organisations they trust. What will leaders need to do, to maintain trust? How will they develop a leadership agenda that is intelligent and purposeful in the face of social, technological, environmental, economic, political, legal and ethical scrutiny?

The character and integrity of the individual leader will matter, as will their ability to lead themselves, lead others and lead within their organisation in any given context.  These three elements are critical and will require rigorous continuous development if a leader is to remain relevant and capable of leading successfully into the future.

I believe the Leaders Operating System contained in this book provides a very accessible and rigorous approach to leader development. It also provides a call   to arms, to do what needs to be done, to be a fit for future leader.

I have known Samuel for a little over 3 years and he is without doubt one of the most tenacious, capable, and likeable individuals I have ever met. Samuel is a true thought leader and has the enviable ability of translating his thoughts into practical and actionable processes. In this authoritative book he provides   an integrated system of development tools which can be used by all leaders at all levels within an organisation.

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