Leavers To Leaders

The Leavers To Leaders Award as part of the Veterans Award CIC takes place in England, Wales & Scotland for British veterans who have successfully transitioned and positively impacting organisations. The military build leaders first, regardless of your rank you are expected to lead in the most difficult situation. Transitioning and lead across civilian is however a different game, you have to carefully preserve your accumulated skills & talents to make a positive influence on your civilian peers and impact the organisations. The origine of this award start in September 2014 onboard a cruise ship where 25 members of the British Armed Forces were invited to spend a day onboard the 2500 passenger cruise ship- Norwegian Jade. The winners were given cruise holidays, vouchers to discounted cruise and a three course meal. Today Samuel T. Reddy took it one step further by partnering with the Veteran Awards CIC to bring the award nationally. Here is what Samuel has to say:

“Having successfully engaged and transitioned from the military to become and entrepreneur and beyond, I believe everyone has influence, but most importantly I believe service Leavers are the future Leaders and service personnel have all the skills and attitude they need to strive in a world with constant disruption & dislocation. The Leavers To Leaders award as part of the Welsh Veterans Awards is to spotlight those who have successfully transitioned from the military and positively impacting organisations. The winners get to join the Leavers To Leaders conference in November to represent their companies because serving does not have to stop. “

Here is what Sean Molino has to say about this partnership:

“I’m really excited to be working with Samuel and his team on this award especially as Samuel was a previous winner at our English Veterans Awards last year, let’s inspire our future service leavers that great things can happen when they do decide to leave the armed forces”